EveOn.MTA: EVE Online Market Trade Analyzer

After some hard work, i managed to create a MsSql based Eve Online Market Trade Analyzer.

EveOn.MTA is using the data export of eve-central.com (plus eve-metrics.com), the local market log export and later the eve cache macho objects as data source for analysis.

It will be used to get profitable trade routes, depending on the market log exports.

The data collector is ready and holds at the moment over 2.3m active market orders.

Unfortunately, there is no GUI at the moment, but it will be IGB-able.

I have plans to provide the service for free, but the users has to do an application for use (need before greed). (because if everyone can use the tool, there is no advantage for particular users)

I’m very excited about this project and i hope, i can do some ISK with it.

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