Binding to an anonymous type

Try to imagine that you have a list of complex classes and you just want to display just a bunch of properties.

For example:


I was playing around with ValueConverter and found out, that i can return an anonymous type out of the converter and bind it to a textblock’s content.

public object Convert(object value, Type targetType, object parameter, CultureInfo culture)
  if (value is Persons)
    var persons = (Persons)value;

    var query =
      from person in persons
      let firstname = person.Firstname
      let lastname = person.Lastname
      let districtname = person.Address.District.Name
      let car1 = person.Cars[0].Brand
      let car2 = person.Cars[1].Brand
      select new
        Firstname = firstname,
        Lastname = lastname,
        Districtname = districtname,
        Car1 = car1,
        Car2 = car2

    return query;

  return value;

Updating the values as you maybe guess don’t work, but if you dont want to write complex bindings you can use this technique to archive the result.

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