Hanging Objects Effect

Do you want to archive an effect like this? You found the solution.

You can follow the full guide or skip the optional steps.

1) Open a new Scene, delete the default Cube and add Suzanne (Monkey).

2) Look through your Camera [NUM0] and rotate the Mesh as you want (tap [RKEY] twice for Trackball rotation).

3) Apply the rotation with [CTRL]%2B[AKEY]. This is needed for the direction of the Threads.

4 opt) Add a Subdivision Surface Modifier (Level 2) to the Mesh and apply it because we need the additional Vertices count.

5 opt) Go into Edit Mode with [TAB], switch to Orthographic View with [NUM5] and to Top View with [NUM7].

6 opt) Now select some random Vertices you can see from above (Top View) with the right mouse button and the [SHIFT] key.

7 opt) Switch to the Object Data in the properties panel, create a new Vertex Group with the plus sign and assign the selection to the Group. Leave the Edit Mode with [TAB].

8) Now change to the Particles in the Properties Panel. Create a Particle System with the plus sign and change the type to Hair.

9) Tick the Advanced Options Check-box. Now set the amount to about 20 (depends on the selected Vertices), Emit from to Verts (Vertices) and set the velocity parameters (Normal to zero, Z to 1). If you rotate your Viewport now, you will see that the Hairs stands upwards now.

10 opt) Now scroll all the way down to Vertex Groups and expand the Panel. Chose the Group (selected Vertices) for Density. Now we have control where the Hairs are coming from.

11) Change to the Materials in the Properties Panel and create a new Material. You can leave the Settings as they are.

12) Change to the Textures in the Properties Panel and create a new Texture. You can chose the Texture Type Magic for an instant colorized result or chose an Image. _ You can now render with [F12] and you will see a hanging Monkey face._

The reason why this works is because the Hairs take over the color from the Material as long as the Material index is set to the Objects Material.

And that’s my render result:

Happy blending :D

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