Sculpt-Brush Tips

With Blender 2.59 we got a very new and stable version to play with. While exploring the new features i found two new functions!

First - Import brush textures from a dictionary / single brush textures (without add-on!). After adding, you will have all your brush textures you choose in the selection box. Screenshot-2011-08-20_07-36-33 You can find many nice brush textures at Pixologic ZBrush Download Central. (The .psd files can be converted to .png files with free converters.)

Second: Brush Overlay This shows you where your brush would take influence on the mesh. Screenshot-2011-08-20_07-37-59 And also tiling / rotating (angle) of the brush is supported! Screenshot-2011-08-20_07-38-47

I hope you will find this information useful! Happy blending :)

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