Free Open Source Sotware

Recently I watched A tour through open source creative tools from Máirín Duffy Strode, Sr. Interaction Designer from Red Hat Inc. and I thought is is a good idea to put this list of GREAT software onto this blog. Enjoy!


GIMP MyPaint Kitara InkScape

Photographie / Imaging

Darktable Raw Image Editor CMYKTool Rich Converter for CMYK from/to RGB


Xournal Calligra Suite BrainDump, Flow (Diagram / Flowcharts), Karbon (Vector Graphics), Kexi (Visual Database Creator), Krita (Sketching, Painting), Plan (Project Management), Stages (Presentations), Sheets (Calculation, Spreadsheet), Words (Writing) Scribus Desktop Publishing like InDesign


Audacity Rich Music Editor Hydrogen Advanced Drum Machine MIXXX Free DJ Software

3D / Animation / Movies

Blender 3D 3D Modeling, Rigging, Animation, Raytrace Rendering, Physics and Particles, Game Engine, UV Editing, Movie editing, Raw Footage tracking, Image Compositing and many many more Synfig Studio Kdenlive Video Editor

GNOME Specials

Gnome Color Manager Wacom Control Panel

Sharing Service

Sparkleshare Uses GIT under the hood and can be self hosted.

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