Abandoning 3D

Working with 3D was always a dream of me so I started using it back in 2011. Since then I had great experience while discovering 3D, Blender3D and the Community around it. I watched Tutorials from BlenderCookie.com and listened to the great voice of Blender Guru’s Andrew Price (G’Day). I learned a lot about 3D but also about myself.

I learned that I can do whatever I want if I really want to and I can achieve great things.

But now the time passed by and I lost the focus on 3D. First, time’s not cheap, especially when you have a family. Second, there was no real project to work on beside of myself education project.

Thanks to the Blender Community, thanks to Blender Cookie, Blender Guru and Blender Nerd for the really good stuff you provided.

I will now focus on all other stuff that is going on in my life like Web Development with asp.net, meteor.com and everything else that catches my curiosity.


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