How to run ungit on Cloud9



  1. Open your terminal
  2. Run npm install -g ungit
  3. Run ungit --urlBase http://$IP --port $PORT
    • $IP is mapped to
    • $PORT is mapped to 8080
  4. Open your browser and navigate to https://<vm-name>-c9-<username>
    • you can get the values from the ide-url which looks like<username>/<vm-name>
  5. Enter the path to your repository, starting with /home/ubuntu/
  6. Alternatively you can open the direct link https://<vm-name>-c9-<username><path>
  7. Have fun with ungit!

Known Issues

Cloud9 only have a single port that is exposed to the internet which is internally set to 8080. For some reason it’s not possible to expose multiple services at once which means you have to stop any other web application before you can launch ungit.

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